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How it works

To bring Australia up to speed with the rest of the world, we needed to innovate.

We needed a platform that allowed easy access to appointments. We needed things to feel secure and legitimate. We needed top doctors who actually understood what we were offering and were invested in the problems we were trying to solve. We needed to give access to regional and remote Australians who wouldn’t be able to access our products otherwise. And we needed a prescription faster than any other service, working with the most efficient pharmacies and couriers, so that delivering a solution would only take a day or two.

So we built it. 3 Steps. A simplified process so you can access doctors who actually understand and believe in the power of alternative medicine.

Our vision is simple. To help you live a happy and healthy life via alternative medicines. Over the years through our combined services and experiences, we have been able to make this a reality for thousands of people who have failed with conventional medicine before. From here, our mission is clear:

  1. Make access to products easier than ever before.
  2. Supply a product that is superior based on unique product formats.
  3. Make sure price is competitive.

Our partners

Dr. Pauline
Independent Doctors

Our team of doctors have an ongoing interest in cannabinoid therapies and have consulted thousands of Australians about alternative therapies for a range of conditions. All doctors are Australian and registered with AHPRA. It’s our commitment to regularly check in on your progress, with unlimited follow-up doctor consultations available.

Our Partner Pharmacy

Dukasa Compounding was on of the very first Pharmacies in Australia to be focused on integrated and plant based health care. Over 9 years of operation, Dukasa has supported over 150,000+ patients Australia-wide. Dukasa’s experienced team of medicinal cannabis pharmacists are highly trained in dispensing all finished compounded products.