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Yes. Plant based medicine has been legal Australia-wide since 2017 for therapeutic use only. Plant based medicine is currently only available via a prescription from your doctor.
Driving with plant based medicine depends on the state you are in. It’s best to check the rules in your specific state.
Our fees are $99 for an Initial consultation and $79 for a Follow Up consultation. The cost of your medication will vary depending on what the doctor or practitioner decides is best suited for you.
Delivery is included in your order. It generally takes 1-2 days for the pharmacy to fulfil an order and it will be sent to your preferred address. You will receive an email with an AusPost tracking link once your order ships.
To be considered for Plant based therapies, you must have had a chronic condition lasting three months or longer that has not responded to conventional medical treatments, or these treatments have had adverse side effects. Take our Eligibility Test here.
No. We understand that some people may not have a regular GP or access to a referral service.
It is theoretically possible but highly unlikely due to the low toxicity of plant based compounds. It is important to note that even if a ‘toxic’ level were ingested it would rarely ever result in death. If you are experiencing any unwanted or unusual side effects as a result of taking your medicine please contact us immediately. In case of an emergency, contact 000 immediately.
It depends on your medical condition and your doctor’s opinion of what product is most appropriate for you. Your doctor will also be responsible for monitoring your progress and will assist in ensuring the products prescribed are achieving the desired result.
Most plant based medicine products in Australia are considered ‘unapproved therapeutic goods’ by Australia’s medicines regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration. As such, patient access is possible under the TGA’s Special Access Scheme or Authorised Prescriber Scheme. All plant based medicine products supplied in Australia must comply with the TGA’s quality and safety standard for plant based medicine products (TGO 93).
Products are either Australian made or imported if that product is not available from a domestic manufacturer.
You should stick to the dose prescribed by your doctor. Dosage for any plant based medicine product is determined by your doctor based on your medical condition, history of treatment for the condition, general health, and lifestyle factors.
Plant based medicine if taken at the right dose will not commonly produce side effects. However products containing THC may cause sedation, anxiety, dizziness, appetite stimulation and impairments in driving and cognitive function. In extreme cases THC can cause hallucinations and psychosis. Other cannabinoids such as CBD do not commonly cause side effects.
There are different methods of administration depending on the plant based medicine products you have been prescribed. Your doctor will advise on the most appropriate delivery system based on your condition, physical health, dosage requirement and personal preferences. While there is still much research required to determine the most effective way to take your plant-based medicine, the majority of plant based medicine products prescribed in Australia are either oil based and consumed orally, or flower based and consumed via a vaping device.
Plant based medicine may interact with medications you are currently taking. As such, it is important that you tell your doctor about any current or relevant prior medication you are/have taken during your initial consultation. If while you are undergoing plant based medicine therapy you are prescribed other medication, it is important to discuss this with your plant based medicine prescribing doctor.
Doctors usually prefer to ‘start low, go slow’ in their approach to dosing. You should always follow your doctor’s advice and understand that missing or exceeding a dose may have an impact on the efficacy of a product. If you don’t notice any change after taking plant based medicine then you should book in a follow up consultation with your doctor to discuss the appropriate next steps in your plant based medicine treatment.
Your doctor will consider a range of factors when determining the appropriate dose for your medical condition. Once the doctor prescribes a product they will assess the product strength, along with your weight and experience with plant based medicine to determine the best dose.
The effects of plant based medicine are usually expected to last for several hours however there are differences in the time it takes for these effects to start. Vaping is the fastest way for the body to absorb plant based medicine and can result in users experiencing effects within 10-30 seconds. Ingesting a plant based medicine oil may take between 1-10 minutes to feel the desired effects.
Telehealth doctors can issue electronic prescriptions (e-scripts) directly to our pharmacy who will then post medicine express to your location. Prescriptions may be a single e-script (e.g. following your initial consultation if you are eligible) or multiple repeats for 6-12 months of treatment once you are comfortable with your medicine.
All doctors and nurse practitioners who work with mágū are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. Our doctors are specifically trained in the use of plant based medicine.
Employers who require workers to be randomly drug tested (e.g. civil aviation, mining, etc.) do so to confirm that workers are not impaired at work. Plant based medicine products containing THC are psychoactive and may impair your ability to work. By contrast, products containing other cannabinoids such as CBD are unlikely to affect your work performance. Prior to your initial consultation you should speak to your employer to confirm what their policy is in relation to prescription plant based medicine. If your employer has a zero tolerance policy in relation to THC only, then your doctor may consider it appropriate to prescribe a product for you that does not contain any THC.
If you are taking a prescribed plant based medicine product which does not have an effect on your ability to perform duties at work safely, you do not have to tell your employer about your medication and your employer cannot compel you to provide the details of your medication.
You will be prompted to pay for your consultation and any medication prescribed at the conclusion of your consultation.
In most cases Medicare will not cover any telehealth consultation fees. Medicare will only cover part of a telehealth appointment if the doctor is your regular GP and you have been to their physical location within the last 12 months. We recommend seeking a telehealth appointment with one of our partner doctors or nurse practitioners as they specialise in prescribing plant based medicine.
The Commonwealth Government only subsidises products listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS). Most plant based medicine products are considered unapproved therapeutic goods by the TGA, and so they are currently not subsidised by the PBS.
Most private health insurance funds provide coverage to members for non-PBS medications as part of the member’s extras benefits. As part of making a claim, you will be required to pay the PBS co-payment, which is approximately $40 and then your insurer will cover either part or all of the balance of the script fee. You should speak to your insurer first to find out more details about your level of coverage and any annual limits on claims.