About us

Our story

At mágū (pronounced mah-goo), we’re making access to plant based medicines easy. Because that’s how it should be.

We connect you with registered Australian doctors who tailor alternative plant-based therapies for various symptoms, delivered to your door, faster than ever before.

When we decided to undertake this project, we knew we’d have a lot working against us. Not just regulatory, but both consumers and an industry’s old bad habits.

Australia legalised new plant based plant-based therapies in 2016. Despite this, many doctors were reluctant to recommend plant based plant-based therapies due to a lack of knowledge before legalisation.

We saw how difficult it was to access plant-based medicine. People were spending months researching, trying to figure out how to access plant-based medicine. They went back and forth with doctors, the internet, and pharmacists and spent a lot of money trying to figure it out. After all this time, and effort, and money, many patients were accessing average quality plant-based medicine that didn’t help them to the full extent that plant-based medicine is capable of.

The inaccuracy of information on the internet, the ever-changing legal landscape, & many general practitioners lacking knowledge on the holistic ways of treatment via alternative therapies and how to access them, has led to poor outcomes for patients, and a stagnant industry.

‘Our Why’, is to correct this misinformation, to streamline the process, and to help you navigate the pathway to the full power of plant-based medicine – ultimately leading to a healthier outcome for everyone.

We are you. We’ve suffered chronic pain, we’ve had sleepless nights due to insomnia, and we’ve experienced anxiety. We’ve been to doctors, we’ve tried traditional therapies – all of them. But they didn’t work.

Skip the reception rooms, forget the long, drawn out prescriptions and wait times. Get access to Australia’s best doctors with the most up to date knowledge. Get treated and get products, fast.

Why mágū

To get straight to the point, mágū is the Goddess of Longevity and immortal hemp maiden. Hemp has long been named an “elixir of life”.

The goddess mágū’s association with cannabis primarily lies in its use as a healing plant – as the majority of mágū’s mythological stories revolve around the ways in which she aided the poor and the sick either as a goddess outright, or as a priestess of an unnamed healing deity.